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We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

When I started this, I commented that I liked it but wished I had an idea of where it was going. Looking back on that status update, I am both amused and so glad I didn't know. I highly recommend going into this book with only a basic idea of what it's about, if anything. We Were Liars is lyrical and well-crafted, and won't disappoint.

I would have read this in a day if I hadn't gotten super sick the day after I picked it up. Cadence has a beautiful voice and the writing is just... really beautiful. It drew me in and didn't let me go. As things were being tied up, I was alternatively amazed and horrified.

I had two minor complaints - I was a little thrown by Cadence referring to her mother as Mummy and her aunts as "aunties" - I don't know any 17-year-old who does that, and a few of the other things kind of struck me as things that teenagers wouldn't say. I had no other complaints, though. I loved piecing together the mystery of this story piece by piece alongside Cadence. I loved the concept of the Liars and the atmosphere of the story.

Amazing and manipulative and fucked up and great.